We so: Yeah, new page! Google so: Do we have to?


To approach a website relaunch is basically a much more delicate matter than you might think at first glance. Not infrequently this leads to stronger ranking crashes within the search engines (of which in Germany basically only one is relevant;). In addition to various technical aspects and existing ranking factors that need to be considered, the "used to it" factor of the visitor should not be completely ignored. New is not better in every case, especially not if you are actually already won users with it uncertain. For this reason, the redesign of our brand agency website had to go hand in hand with both performance and design aspects.

"Performance and design - 2 factors that should go hand in hand"

As a brand agency in Stuttgart, we know that especially in the case of website projects, the implementation time initially felt to be required and the planned publication time can often deviate discreetly from the actual go live date and the associated real effort. So the following always applies here: the better the preliminary work in terms of information architecture & Co., the more likely it is that the planned resources will be adhered to. Fortunately, we are experts in project planning and know how to assess these problems in advance - but now we're good, self-praise, etc.;).
As already mentioned at the beginning, it is extremely important that you first define the objective of such a project in terms of "what the site should actually be able to do and to whom it is addressed" in order to then derive the technical and design-related must-haves from it.
For us, the following criteria were decisive:


  • Simplicity, i.e. no nested undersides and Co.
  • Clearly structured structure
  • It should be pretty:)
  • Enable targeted actions & easy contact
  • Good possibilities of content creation (Blog)
  • Creation of a secure customer backend for data exchange incl. Google Drive link
  • Provision of an internal ticket system incl. interface to CRM weclapp
  • Multilinguality (automatic with simple option for manual adjustment)
  • And last but not least: mobile optimization

HOW AND WHAT? After the basic conditions had been defined and the resources had been planned, we went to work. It quickly became clear to us that we would be able to use the proven CMS WordPress to work on. Surely there are other reasonable solutions in terms of content management systems, but with WordPress we have had the best experiences so far and have already been able to implement many customer projects. So it was only logical to build our own page on WP.
One of the most important advantages of WordPress is the strong community and a rich offer of very good plugins. There is almost no requirement that is not realized within WordPress.
One of the sticking points during the realization of the new BRANDS FOR CHARACTERS website was the protected customer area. For this we had to combine several available extensions (e.g. Ultimate Member and WP File Download) to achieve the desired success in the end.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the result and are now looking forward to further optimization measures and functions. WordPress is still the CMS on the market that can best be used for most purposes and offers with a few tricks almost no limits to implement defined application frameworks very well and above all quickly. Despite the use of plug-ins it remains relatively light-footed (admittedly with some tricks) and you have a good chance to get the best performance possible.
Well, we're going to go on tinkering, because one thing's for sure, there's always something to improve!

Then at a glance: To the new BRANDS FOR CHARACTERS page please click here!